Roof Tile Appeal

You can help the Bedern Hall Foundation and leave your mark on York’s history by supporting our Roof Tile Appeal.Bedern_roof_tile_appeal

Bedern Hall is one of York’s medieval landmarks with a rich history and important role in the local community. However, as a not-for-profit business, we need support to maintain the building so that it can be used to host events and remain home for our guilds. Contributing towards our roof tiles is a novel way to help us.

Simply donate £10 to purchase a tile. If you purchase 15 or more tiles, you will receive a certificate of membership to the Bedern Hall Foundation.

You can include a special message when you purchase tiles as a unique gift for family and friends.

By supporting the Roof Tile Appeal, you will help secure the future of Bedern Hall and continue the work of Sir Peter Shephard who laid the new foundation stone to begin the Hall’s restoration 35 years ago.

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