Hall Histories: Excavation and Restoration

Bedern Excavation and Restoration

Our Hall Histories series is back with Bedern’s return to Medieval splendour. We explore the work of York Archaeological Trust in the 1970s and Bedern Hall’s restoration.

1971. After almost 20 years as the home of Wright’s pork butchers, Bedern has been singled out for development. The City of Council has decided that it’s time for the industrial buildings to go and York’s history to be uncovered.

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Hall histories: The butcher, the baker… and not quite the candlestick maker

bakerWith this month’s edition of Hall Histories, it’s time to return to the early 20th century. We’re discovering the businesses that called Bedern Hall home.

1918. The bakery firm, G.E Bartons has taken over Bedern Hall and made a fair few alterations. What was once an elegant Medieval dining room and a disease-ridden slum has become a hive of industry. A coach house for the horses delivering grains and bread now stands near the Minster yard. The entrance from Goodramgate is covered though- a passageway built to the 16th century gatehouse still stands. If locals milling around town don’t smell the bread, they might not realise Bartons is there.

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How to choose a meeting, conference or event venue in York: 10 tips

York conference venue

event venue









York’s location in the middle of the UK, thriving tourism industry and array of transport and technology businesses make it a fantastic place for meetings, conferences and events. But with so many historic halls, function rooms and hotels to choose from, how do you settle on the right space for you and your delegates? We’ve got 10 tips for how to choose a meeting, conference or event venue in York.

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Hall Histories: Squashed into slums



Step back into Victorian York as we uncover the Bedern slums in York. It’s this month’s edition of Hall Histories, sharing stories of the building’s captivating past.


Once a fine college home to the highest in York society, Bedern has declined until it is one of the least respectable places in the city.


1852. Immigrants from Ireland have come to York after the great potato famine. They’re desperately seeking shelter, but with Bedern now divided into tenement buildings, they can’t expect much.

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Hall Histories: Vicars Behaving Badly

Our Hall Histories series continues with a closer look at York vicars behaving badly… When you book your business meeting or afternoon tea here, you won’t forget the scandalous stories of those who called Bedern Hall home.

John Hunter

John Hunter

Medieval York. The intense cloistered life of the vicars is taking its toll and several have started to stray. Word has it that William Burdcleuer has been keeping a woman, despite strict instruction to stay celibate. To make matters worse, she was spotted out in the centre of York after curfew with their two children. The scandalous reputation of the vicars choral spreads across the city well beyond Bedern Chapel on Bartle Garth.

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Hall Histories: The Vicars Choral in 1400

 BedernVicarsChoralBedern Hall may be a beautiful wedding and conference venue today, but it also has a fascinating past. In this series of Hall Histories, we explore some of the stories of people who dined, worked and lived here over the centuries. Join us as we step back into 15th century Medieval York…

1400. Singers gather in the centre of the Vicars Choral college off of Goodramgate for their evening meal.

The hall is large with soaring timber beams and high stone walls. A roaring open fire provides much-needed warmth after a day of services in the Minster. Its smoke fills the air and drifts up to the rafters of the hall’s majestic oak roof.

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Springtime events at Bedern Hall



Beautiful flowers are blooming in the Bedern garden and the smell of hot cross buns is in the air!  Spring is upon us and we have lots of exciting events on our calendar for you to enjoy. From an Easter flower workshop to a new art exhibition, read on to find out more.





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Top Tips to Wedding Planning from Bedern Hall

Wedding_YorkWeddings have a high expectation of being the best day of many people’s lives, which in turn, can result in producing the most stressful day of many people’s lives. Our team have been helping guide people through this special day for many years, and together have narrowed it down to what we believe are the most important tips to planning your perfect day.

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Bedern Breakfast – Networking with a Conscience



So what’s this all about?

Bedern Breakfast bring together like-minded business owners from York and Yorkshire, creating a peer-to-peer forum of Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. Each event will feature a ‘guest in the chair’ for an interview style presentation, with interviewer Alan Kaye.



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The Benefits of a Winter Wedding

winter_wedding_yorkWe all know planning a wedding can be a very stressful time, especially because you want the day to be as perfect as possible. Everything comes with a question mark; the dress? The venue? The time of year? Having a winter wedding can come with so many benefits at Bedern Hall, and we have narrowed down our most significant ones.

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