Weddings- We’re not cheap, nor are we expensive

York wedding venue

From Roger Lee, Director and Resident Chef…

I recently showed 2 people around the Hall and both said “What a fabulous place for a wedding how much does it cost to hire?”

I told them that it cost £995 for exclusive use of the Hall for a wedding ceremony and reception.

One said, “That sounds expensive”

The other said, “Actually I think that’s cheap!”

So what to do?!

Well, we’d prefer the phrase ‘value for money’ rather than ‘cheap’, because we may charge less than many other venues but we certainly do not do ‘cheap and cheerful.’

Testimonials from couples who’ve held their wedding with us show that they are wowed by the venue, the food and the service.

Here are some recent words from Facebook…

“We got married at Bedern, it’s the most perfect venue for a wedding, just within the city walls, steeped in history! We would highly recommend it! It was our perfect day.”

“Had my wedding here on Christmas Eve 2013. It was absolutely perfect. Such a beautiful building.”


York wedding venue

The Hall is run differently from big hotels and elaborate country houses. We don’t have huge teams of people to pay. And we believe that this beautiful building should be enjoyed by as many people as possible.  The hire charges you pay for the day go straight back into the upkeep of the Hall so that people can enjoy it in the future.  So hosting your special day here can help others to in future.


York wedding venue

What might a wedding at Bedern Hall cost me?

As a rule, we don’t offer wedding packages, because we like to sit down with each couple and work out exactly how they’d like the day to be and to cost everything out.  Whatever you choose do to, you’ll know upfront exactly how much it’s going to cost.

To give you an idea, here’s an example of what a wedding ceremony and reception might cost- it’s based on a full house of 60 people.

Example wedding costs Total Per person
Hall Hire £995.00 £16.58 Includes some floral decor. Does not include Registrar
1 glass prosecco after the ceremony £210.00 £3.50 Good quality prosecco. 10 bottles
3-course waitress served meal with coffee £2700.00 £45.00 We are happy to discuss your ideas. All table linen, crockery, cutlery, glassware and staff are included.
half bottle of house wine per person £570.00 £9.50 Our wine philosophy has always been high quality and fair prices. 30 bottles.
1 glass prosecco for a toast £210.00 £3.50 10 bottles
TOTAL £4685.00 £78.08 Includes VAT


Midweek price

For a more affordable option, we have a midweek package at £65 per person and full details are available here.

Christmas wedding York


What’s special about a wedding at Bedern Hall?

Rather than make price comparisons with other venues, ask the question “what are we going to get that other venues don’t offer?”

The answer with Bedern Hall is exceptional value for money, professional service from our small and friendly team, superb food and wine over which you will have choice, and the satisfaction of knowing that this wonderful medieval hall will be used for years to come.

Give us a call on 01904 646030 to arrange a viewing.


York wedding venue

York wedding venue