Your Local Lunch

Your Local Lunch

Your Local Lunch is a monthly community lunch serving up deliciously fresh Yorkshire dishes in the centre of the city. You and your friends or colleagues could sample our special menu in our stunning 14thCentury Medieval Hall with membership for just £1 per month!


Your Local Lunch 2022 Dates will be announced shortly


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Each month, our resident chef, Roger Lee, serves up the best of Bedern Hall’s cuisine at price that everyone can afford. All dishes are locally produced and created with a unique Yorkshire twist.


It’s a chance to meet with your friends or work colleagues in a setting like no other. Our hall was once the refectory of the Vicars’ Choral, a group of Medieval singers who sang in nearby York Minster. You can take an hour or so out of your working day or shopping trip to step back in time and discover their story.

Enjoy special invitations and discounted rates as a member of Your Local Lunch club

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By becoming a member of Your Local Lunch club, you will be the first to know about all our upcoming events and have the chance to attend at an exclusive discounted rate. You’ll even be entitled to Lunch Club deals and discounts when renting the venue for your own personal events.


If you are a Local Lunch Club member, you are welcome to bring your friends and colleagues along. They can enjoy our delicious dishes without committing to membership.


To join us next month, RSVP using the button below. If you’re an existing members or their guest, you’ll pay for your lunch on the day. If it’s your first time, pay your £14 annual membership and you’ll receive a 2 course lunch and coffee.

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You can keep up to date with all the latest news from Your Local Lunch on Facebook and Twitter: @yourlocallunch.