Bedern Hall Tile Appeal

bedern-hall-tilesAs one of York’s Medieval landmarks, and as a non-profit organisation, we are appealing for support with our recently launched “Roof Tile Appeal”. The Bedern Hall foundation has its sights set on conserving the Medieval Hall throughout 2018 with a number of restoration projects in the pipeline, one of which is to restore the roof.


Not only will the support from the community help to restore this landmark, but it will allow individuals and businesses alike, to leave a mark on York’s history. The appeal allows people to donate and buy a tile to contribute to the restoration project. Each tile is £10 and you can make multiple purchases of tiles, donate tile(s) as a gift for your nearest and dearest, friends or colleagues and leave a special message. Tiles purchased in multiples of 15 or more will include a Certificate of Membership of the Bedern Hall Foundation.


You can find full details of the scheme and how to buy a tile here.

Roger Lee says “Over the coming years, we will need to carry out repairs to the fabric of the Hall; the stonework needs attention, the box gutters & lead work need repairs, but the biggest job of all will be re-roofing. We know that many people have great affection for this small Hall, and our roof tile appeal is a great opportunity to record that by buying tiles either for themselves of as a gift or commemoration.  We invite people to support us and to leave their mark on history”

The Bedern Hall Foundation 

Have you heard of the Bedern Hall foundation? In fact, have you heard of Bedern Hall at all?

The stories this hidden gem holds are so significant to the history of York that the team launched ‘The Bedern Hall Foundation’ in 2013 to raise funds to help secure the Hall’s future.

35 years ago, Sir Peter Shepherd, laid the new foundation stone to restore and preserve Bedern Hall, and since, the space has been used for thousands of events from Workshops to Weddings to Christenings and other private events. Yet this not-for-profit business needs further money to secure its next 35 years for the city of York residents and beyond to use and enjoy. The new vision for the Hall incorporates education, preservation and accessibility and the target to do so is to raise £70,000 over the next 5 years.

There are varying levels of membership with the Foundation from personal to corporate, all of which include a host of benefits. For more information please visit –