Heritage attraction – a new outlook for Bedern Hall

Bedern Excavation and RestorationAlthough things may still seem uncertain, for heritage attraction at the moment,  it’s important to remember that  since Bedern begun in the 1390’s we’ve made it through…

  • The Sweating Sickness of 1485
  • The Great Plague of London of 1665
  • The Central Atlantic Hurricane of 1782
  • The Year Without a Summer of 1816
  • The Spanish Flu of 1918
  • The Great Smog of 1952

2020 was certainly a testing year, but with a grant from the Cultural Recovery Fund we are now in a position to make the Hall available to a wider community and to share its stories through more regular opening to locals and visitors alike.

Latest guidelines indicate that, if we hit the numbers, we will be able to open the Hall to the public from 17th May.

Our grant will enable us to evolve from being an events and functions venue to become a small, independent heritage attraction still available for the celebration of life events. This mix of business will enable us create a sustainable future for the Hall.A new heritage attraction for York




We want to: 

  • Open regularly to improve public access and community involvement
  • Create interpretation of the Hall’s stories for adults, families and children
  • Run our cafe more regularly 
  • Develop educational opportunities for all
  • Establish a hub for local groups and societies 
  • Continue to offer excellent facilities for events

So if you’ve visited in the past, walked past the Hall and wondered what it was, held an event with us, or never even heard of us; we’d like your help!

To help us develop our ideas and to find out more about your views and experiences of Bedern Hall, we have put together a short survey. We would be grateful if you are able to complete this survey which should take about 5 minutes of your time.


We look forward to welcoming you to Bedern Hall in the not too distant future, be it a return visit or a first time experience.


Top Tips to Wedding Planning from Bedern Hall

Wedding_YorkWeddings have a high expectation of being the best day of many people’s lives, which in turn, can result in producing the most stressful day of many people’s lives. Our team have been helping guide people through this special day for many years, and together have narrowed it down to what we believe are the most important tips to planning your perfect day.

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Love a Little Later at Bedern Hall

Wedding postponement package

Our hearts go out to all couples that have had to postpone their 2020 wedding due to the current COVID-19 crisis. Therefore here at Bedern Hall, we have come up with a one-size-fits-all solution!

When you’ve had to delay the big day, Bedern Hall can help with the perfect postponement package, helping you to rescue the day and save you time, stress and money

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Behind the scenes of Tuesday Social: Hosting a business event in York

Tuesday Social York

We’re delighted to welcome the Pick & Mix Marketing team as our guest bloggers this month. Pick & Mix Marketing, York’s leading social media marketing agency, have partnered with us for a number of years now helping to market Bedern. The team recently hosted their very first networking event, Tuesday Social, here in the Hall. Why did they choose our venue and what was involved in the preparation? Here is a glimpse behind the scenes…

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Weddings- We’re not cheap, nor are we expensive

York wedding venue

From Roger Lee, Director and Resident Chef…

I recently showed 2 people around the Hall and both said “What a fabulous place for a wedding how much does it cost to hire?”

I told them that it cost £995 for exclusive use of the Hall for a wedding ceremony and reception.

One said, “That sounds expensive”

The other said, “Actually I think that’s cheap!”

So what to do?!

Well, we’d prefer the phrase ‘value for money’ rather than ‘cheap’, because we may charge less than many other venues but we certainly do not do ‘cheap and cheerful.’

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Hall Histories: Excavation and Restoration

Bedern Excavation and Restoration

Our Hall Histories series is back with Bedern’s return to Medieval splendour. We explore the work of York Archaeological Trust in the 1970s and Bedern Hall’s restoration.

1971. After almost 20 years as the home of Wright’s pork butchers, Bedern has been singled out for development. The City of Council has decided that it’s time for the industrial buildings to go and York’s history to be uncovered.

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Hall histories: The butcher, the baker… and not quite the candlestick maker

bakerWith this month’s edition of Hall Histories, it’s time to return to the early 20th century. We’re discovering the businesses that called Bedern Hall home.

1918. The bakery firm, G.E Bartons has taken over Bedern Hall and made a fair few alterations. What was once an elegant Medieval dining room and a disease-ridden slum has become a hive of industry. A coach house for the horses delivering grains and bread now stands near the Minster yard. The entrance from Goodramgate is covered though- a passageway built to the 16th century gatehouse still stands. If locals milling around town don’t smell the bread, they might not realise Bartons is there.

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How to choose a meeting, conference or event venue in York: 10 tips

York conference venue

event venue









York’s location in the middle of the UK, thriving tourism industry and array of transport and technology businesses make it a fantastic place for meetings, conferences and events. But with so many historic halls, function rooms and hotels to choose from, how do you settle on the right space for you and your delegates? We’ve got 10 tips for how to choose a meeting, conference or event venue in York.

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